Sunday, May 2, 2010

Final Blog Post

Honest Reflection

1. First I'd like to say that yes we did many things in this class. Overall I'm glad that I had to take this course because sadly I was super TECHNOLOGICALLY ILLITERATE and would have probably having to be taught by my students. I am happy to say that after taking this course I'm not as behind as I was when I started. I'm more up to speed with technology and most of all I see the importance of technology. My favorite of all the assignments were the Comments4Kids because we got to interact with children. I think mostly all the assignments that we were assigned to are useful and will be used in my class. I plan to have a class blog like some of the classes we visited on Comments4Kids. I thought that itunesU and podcasting is useful because of them using audio as a learning tool.
2. I wish that we had learned to make movies.
3. I feel that everything that I learned from this course is useful and I plan to use everything that I learned as an educational tool. I'd like to be known as the teacher who made a difference.
4. I wouldn't necessarily use the word excite. I did learn from it though.
5. Sadly, I found most of the things in class to be intellectually challenging mainly because the most I did online was facebook and googled things occasionally. That's why I'm glad that I took this course I actually did learn a lot, maybe I only scrapped the surface, but it was a great start.
6. Yes, I was bored when we had to meet in class. I guess because on most days everything could have been done at home. This class could have been a total online course.
7. As I mentioned already, I would make it a total online course.
8. I would say that at the moment I am technologically literate some because I still have a lot to learn. I've basically had a crash course that I as a future educator needed. I think this class should be taken for all majors.
9. I plan to continue blogging, expand my PLN, and visit Dr. Strange's blog from time to time to find out whats new and improved. I also plan to continue to gain knowledge concerning technology because I need much more. My literacy in technology has only just begun.


  1. awe! Good job Sheree! Im so glad you are on the wagon. Yes i have a lot to learn also. :) I will miss you!

  2. #2. Many students did and they made several fantastic movies!
    #9. Don't forget the EDM 310 Alumni Blog

  3. Sheree,

    We hopefully will have the tools needed for making movies this Summer. We have found some Flip cameras that can help us and do not cost very much.