Friday, April 30, 2010

Comments4Teachers Weeks 13 & 14

Week 13

I think that web based portfolio's are useful and can be effective. Your ideas are great. That sort of what this class is like now. We had to create a blog and our homework was weekly blog post, it's a lot of work but It helps us to make sure that our work is done properly because it's viewable by the whole world.

My name is Sheree Orso. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I was assigned to comment on your blog for Dr. Strange's EDM310 class.You can view my blog at

Week 14

I agree with you completely and quite guilty of using the term myself. Mostly not having time to learn something is just an excuse for everyone not to do something. You made an excellent point, we all certainly have the same amount of time to get things done and what we choose to do with our time is up to us, so we should use this time wisely especially for those of us who strive to become educators.

My name is Sheree Orso and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama.

Comments4teachers Week 10 & 12

Week 10

I think that this is a wonderful point of view from the author of this book and it's so true. We always give credit to the talent and forget the saying "practice makes perfect".

My name is Sheree Orso and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I was assigned to post comments to your blog as an assignment for Dr. Srange's EDM310 class. You can visit my class blog at

Week 12

I agree with your comment. I didn't realize the importance of technology and social learning until I took this class EDM 310. After have taken the course I feel that I am a little more tech literate and I am building my social network. Great article.

My name is Sheree Orso and I am a student at the University of South Alabama.



PLN Final Post

My PLN has grown some. I am now friends with more classmates on facebook and I follow more people on I follow Dr. Paige Baggett, Ingrid Welborn, Chelsea Steele, and Keesha Williamson on I still need to and would like to expand my personal learning network but for now I feel that for someone who just learned about all this that it's definitely started to grow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

PLN Midterm Post

My personal learning network consist of Facebook where I'm friends with Dr. Juarez. I follow some classmates blogs, Ingrid Welborn and Chelsea Steele. I follow Dr. Paige Baggett's blog. Dr. Juarez post on facebook a lot of movies from youtube about diversity which is her passion. Dr. Baggett blogs about art which is her passion as well. From both these teachers I've learned a lot about how I should run my classroom and gave me some ideas on some ways and things to teach. Both facebook and Blogspot are two great ways to add to the teachers curriculum even outside the classroom. By follow my classmates blogs I'm able to get another point of view other than my own.

Week 15 Homework


This student is so smart that she can create this movie and has such an extensive PLE. Her organizational skills are amazing. I had no idea what a PLE was until I took this course and I think that it's great that we can learn from the internet just browsing looking at things that we may not feel is educational. Having fun while learning. My PLE includes classmates and teachers.

Two Questions that can change your life.

Wow, this is an eye opener. What is my sentence? Was I better today than I was yesterday? These two questions are amazing questions and gets you thinking at least they did for me. At this point my sentence would all include future tense phrases. Being better daily would be me being better at school, being a better Aunt, and a better server. I want to have a great sentence and I want to be better every day.


My first experience with Skype was in class when we talked with Matthew Needleman creator of "Mr. Winkle Wakes" through Skype. I thought it was just amazing. Years ago in movies you would see people talking through the computer or having a conversation while seeing the actually person, Example:Back to the future 2. Now that is a reality we can talk to people from other places in the world cheaper than you can pick up the phone and call long distance, it's wonderful. We live in a world where anything is possible through technology and I'm looking forward to seeing what is next.

Interview with a teacher.

When talking to Mrs. Weaver a local teacher from Lott Middle School in Citronelle, Alabama about Technology we found that it is imperative. I began the interview by simple discussing some of her opinions on the topic and we later talked about some issues that have came up with all the technology, pros and cons.

Orso:What is your opinion on technology in schools?
Weaver:I feel that it is vital.
Orso:How do you mean?
Weaver:Well with technology being a part of everyday life we have to address it. It's a part of everything that we do and in almost every job, so we have to prepare our students for whatever necessary.
Orso:I agree. So then it's safe to say that you are for teachers being technology literate?
Weaver:Absolutely. I feel they have to be just to keep up with the students.
Orso:Do you feel that there may be a negative spin on technology in the classrooms?
Weaver:The only thing that I would say is bad is a couple of months ago there was a fight here on campus and some students videoed the incident and posted it on youtube. I think that doing that is unacceptable and should be punishable.
Orso: I can see how that can be an issue. Is there any suggestions that you think is necessary to share?
Weaver:Only that we have to incorporate lessons that involve technology into our lessons. The students need to be up to date with technology, so we have to stay up to date. Also try and minimize situations if possible where something ends up on youtube.
Orso: Thanks you Mrs. Weaver

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project 14 Substantive Presentation

Using Technology to teach something.

Week 14 Homework

The topic that I chose was Comments4Kids. I enjoyed these assignments the most because it involved children. We viewed blog post made by little kids from all over. I thought this was a great assignment mainly because it involved the very reason why we are in school, students. It also gave us the opportunity to see how other schools or teachers created lessons to go on these blogs. I found that with these assignments the students got caught up in their work and they seemed happy about doing them. I'm sure they were excited to see when people left them comments. Classroom blogs will definitely be something that I do with my class. What about you?


My comment this week was for a student named Joshua from Pt England School and my comment was as follows:

Wow, Joshua

You could definitely be a writer or a reporter. I think that you are a very intelligent young man and you will do great at whatever you decide to be.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 13 Homework

Dr. Seuss-The Zax

This video has a big message in a little amount of time. I think the message is clear and to the point. Educators shouldn't ever stay still in one spot for any length of time. Change is necessary. If teachers stay stuck in a rut they quickly fall into survival mode, they will never love their job, and the ones who will suffer the most will be the students who have to be in this Zax's class.

PS 22 Video

This video was extremely touching, that's why it received such great responses. I think that posting students work online is an encouragement in itself. I know from my own blog I try and make sure everything is correct. When students know that the world have access to their work it should make them more careful for their work to be accurate.

We've been assigned several times over the semester, the works of students that have been posted on the internet. All the students work has been amazing but here are some examples of the students work. Kaia's Blog is a blog that Kaia's dad created and is maintaining. On this blog Kaia's dad post things about her, he made a photo essay of pictures that Kaia took while they were on a adventure together. The picture were awesome, they were of how all things can be beautiful. Another assignment we had was Comments4Kids and that's allowed us to be able to observe some of the students work.

In week 9 my Comments4Kids assignment was to go to Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog and to comment on the 13th post in February. It was awesome, the class had made a movie about polygon's so the title of course is The Polygon Movie! Everyone should visit this site.

In week 8 my Comments4Kids assignment was to comment on a 7th grader named Yazmin. Yazmin wrote this poem that was extremely insightful. The poem is titled "The child who witnessed slavery". This poem also heart warming, it reminds you that you always have someone watching.


I had to comment on Point England's 4th grade class from room 10. My student wrote a great blog called "Spiky all right" I wrote I love all your detail. I can tell that you are a passionate person. Keep that trait and you will go far in life. You seem like such a smart student, I hope that I can teach someone like you when I start teaching.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 12 Homework

Dear Kaia

I think that Kaia is a very bright young lady. I think that her father is making a very smart decision when including Kaia in his use of technology. It seems that Kaia's dad is a very involved parent as well as a great educator and uses technology often. Mr. Raisdana doesn't treat Kaia like she's to young to understand or comprehend. Mr. Chamberlain used Kaia's blog in his class which I think was a spectacular idea. I think that he was demonstrating to his class that they don't have to be intimidated by technology because look at Kaia, she has a blog and can't even read yet. I'm sure it helped his class because Mr. Chamberlain's class made a voice thread for Kaia. I think that Mr. Chamberlain used his imagination in a way that every educator should and that Kaia and her dad are awesome individuals. Kaia's photo essay was outstanding!

Singing Hearts

It's amazing how a proud parents showing off his daughter springs into a learning experience for others. I think that this just shows how useful technology really is. How often is it that American students can be taught about other countries by teachers from other countries on a regular school day, no longer is that impossible. I appreciate the ways that these teachers collaborated and created together such a great experience for these students that they will never forget and will always take with them.


My comments for kids this week was a very creative kid named James. James has some awesome pictures that he made on the blog and a short video. I told James just how creative he is.