Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 9 Homework


The Alabama Learning Exchange is a great site for educators. The website offers different options to choose from the course of study to different websites. I think that ALEX is very useful. It even has a link for Technology education. It offers personal workspace, professional learning, and it has a podcast treasury. This site is helpful especially for a first year teacher.

As a new educator I can find this site useful for me. It can help me with lots of subject. I appreciate the section it has on lesson plans. I know that I will definitely be using the site my first and maybe all my years teaching.


ACCESS is a great site as well, it offers additional education for a student. Their mission is to provide equitable, quality learning for all students. Their goal is to improve student achievement. The students are able to achieve all this from the comfort of their own home. This is very helpful to a student.

What I like best about this site is that it offers remediation for the high school graduation exam. This is a great feature since so many students have problem passing the entire test and just don't have enough time in a school day to study. It also has a tech support if there are any problems. This site is awesome for Alabama's high school students.


This week I viewed a movie in Mrs.Yollis' class called The Polygon Movie. The movie was so cute. Those kids were saying some real tongue twisting words. Smart group of kids is all I have to say. Mrs. Yollis has found a really fun way to make her students learn and I for one enjoy her method.

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