Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 8 Homework

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams

This lecture was inspiring and enthusiastic as well as hilarious . I really can't see how he was able to have the strength to present this lecture with such courage. I really loved how he got down and done a few push ups to confirm how well he felt. After listening to this lecture I googled, Randy Pausch and I found out that there is now a book of his last lecture.

Achieving your childhood dreams is a mouth full. Most childhood dreams consist of what seems to be the impossible. Randy Pausch's childhood dreams seems to be impossible. Hearing his dreams come true makes these impossible dreams a closer to becoming a reality. He seemed to be such a confident and smart guy. Achieving his childhood dreams had to have been an awesome experience in itself because his dreams where not small dreams. His dreams ranged from winning stuffed animals to being in zero gravity, wow. Yes, he actually achieved most of these goals. The ones he didn't he learned awesome life lessons from like he said he never made it to the NFL but football brought him where he is today. I think it's awesome that most of his dreams tied together like him writing an article for encyclopedia on virtual reality. His allegory on the brick wall was motivating in so many ways and just with those words. It makes you want to run through the wall.

I took from this lecture that his life has been full of adventure. Randy Pausch achieved a lot in his short life. He seemed to be an amazing guy and I'm sure anyone who knew him was fortunate. I know he had to have been a great educator and I like his methods of the master's degree. The plan they set up was very fair. Most people do learn better hands on than reading it from a book. To be able to help kids learn with fun. The program Alice is a great approach. He's right kids would much rather have fun than learn. Learning while they play, it's great in a manipulative sort of way.

Lessons learned is to have fun, never loose the child like wonder, help others, have loyalty, never give up, get feedback, don't bail, be prepared, be good at something and don't complain just work harder. This lecture is worth so much. It's sad, it's funny and most of all it's rewarding for anyone who watches it. The headfakes are awesome.


My Comments4Kids assignment this week was for a 7th grade girl named Yazmin from Arizona. She wrote a very insightful poem titled "The Child Who Witnessed Slavery". She done an excellent job tuning in to the feelings that the slave owner children must have had.

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  1. As a child we do have dreams and as we get older some dreams we had as a child are not met, but that does not mean we need to give them up. The one thing I like about the lecture was it seemed like he never gave up and never settled. I, just like you, enjoyed the lecture as well. I think you did a great job! Nice blog! Have a great day!