Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 7 Homework

Dr. Richard E. Miller "This is how we dream part 1 & 2"

Dr. Miller makes the use of the technology seem so simple. Honestly, no I'm not prepared to write using multimedia but I'm am enthused about learning how to use the technology. I believe that my students will be able to do this because kids seem to be more technologically advanced. This is probably because technology is more advanced than it was when I was a kid.

I agree with using the web and technology as a new form of teaching. I think that in this new world we live in, we need to be open minded and have a dream to advance. As Dr. Miller suggested we should drive ideas to become a better society. We should dream of a future that is full of hope. We as educators need to dream of a more advanced way of teaching our students and to become technologically literate.

To know all the ways that we can use multimedia is amazing. I hope to learn everything possible with this technology. I think that the listening/watching method for someone like me is much more effective than the reading/writing method.

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student

While embarking upon my own PLN, I realize that there is a lot to learn and a lot that I was clueless about. This video is an eye opener and it really gets me to thinking that while I'm learning this information there are students already out there with there own PLN and many students learning at the same time as me. This really puts an urgency and an awareness to the importance of my education.

"Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" is a very good question. The video answers the question nicely but in order for a teacher to be able to teach a student how to build their network and take advantage of opportunities, the teacher must first have a network and take advantage of the opportunities his/herself.

I plan to become that teacher. The teacher who takes advantage of learning opportunities and applies them to my classroom. I am achieving the necessaries to be prepared for the networked student.

Dr. Micheal Wesch: Toward a New Future of Whatever

Are we really amusing ourselves to death? I would agree. I enjoyed this video, Dr. Wesch's concept is definitely accurate. I really loved his idea on working toward a new future for the word whatever. I think his study was outstanding. But aren't we all a little narcissistic? We live in an age where even the most modest of us feel a little sense of self importance sometimes, whether we show it or not. Maybe that is what drives us to amusement or to post videos on YouTube, to feel a sense of self worth. In the future as a student and an educator I plan to put this idea to work and use the whatever it takes by whatever means necessary method.

Comments4Kids Week 7

My comment this week was for an essay titled "Slumber Party" by a student named Becca M. in Mrs. Goerend's class. Becca gave some great advice about how to have a great slumber party.


  1. Hey Sheree,
    I am also interested in learning all the new uses of technology. I agree that kids are more advanced in technology these days. Learning some of Dr. Miller's techniques will better help students learn in the classroom.

  2. I agree! Our students will be able to compose with multimedia better or just as well as we can! It is important (like you were saying) to become technologically literate teachers so that we will be able to teach these kid effectively. I'm not ready to teach the networked student yet... However after this class hopefully I'll be a few steps closer. Great post!