Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview with a teacher.

When talking to Mrs. Weaver a local teacher from Lott Middle School in Citronelle, Alabama about Technology we found that it is imperative. I began the interview by simple discussing some of her opinions on the topic and we later talked about some issues that have came up with all the technology, pros and cons.

Orso:What is your opinion on technology in schools?
Weaver:I feel that it is vital.
Orso:How do you mean?
Weaver:Well with technology being a part of everyday life we have to address it. It's a part of everything that we do and in almost every job, so we have to prepare our students for whatever necessary.
Orso:I agree. So then it's safe to say that you are for teachers being technology literate?
Weaver:Absolutely. I feel they have to be just to keep up with the students.
Orso:Do you feel that there may be a negative spin on technology in the classrooms?
Weaver:The only thing that I would say is bad is a couple of months ago there was a fight here on campus and some students videoed the incident and posted it on youtube. I think that doing that is unacceptable and should be punishable.
Orso: I can see how that can be an issue. Is there any suggestions that you think is necessary to share?
Weaver:Only that we have to incorporate lessons that involve technology into our lessons. The students need to be up to date with technology, so we have to stay up to date. Also try and minimize situations if possible where something ends up on youtube.
Orso: Thanks you Mrs. Weaver

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