Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 14 Homework

The topic that I chose was Comments4Kids. I enjoyed these assignments the most because it involved children. We viewed blog post made by little kids from all over. I thought this was a great assignment mainly because it involved the very reason why we are in school, students. It also gave us the opportunity to see how other schools or teachers created lessons to go on these blogs. I found that with these assignments the students got caught up in their work and they seemed happy about doing them. I'm sure they were excited to see when people left them comments. Classroom blogs will definitely be something that I do with my class. What about you?


My comment this week was for a student named Joshua from Pt England School and my comment was as follows:

Wow, Joshua

You could definitely be a writer or a reporter. I think that you are a very intelligent young man and you will do great at whatever you decide to be.

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  1. I enjoyed comments for kids as well. It showed me a new way of teaching. before this class I did not know anything about blogging. I hope that I will be able to use technology in my class. I would love to use a class blog and take pictures of my students activities and post them for their parents in a effort to get more parents involved in their child's school and to just keep them updated on what we are doing, instead of the usual note home.