Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 12 Homework

Dear Kaia

I think that Kaia is a very bright young lady. I think that her father is making a very smart decision when including Kaia in his use of technology. It seems that Kaia's dad is a very involved parent as well as a great educator and uses technology often. Mr. Raisdana doesn't treat Kaia like she's to young to understand or comprehend. Mr. Chamberlain used Kaia's blog in his class which I think was a spectacular idea. I think that he was demonstrating to his class that they don't have to be intimidated by technology because look at Kaia, she has a blog and can't even read yet. I'm sure it helped his class because Mr. Chamberlain's class made a voice thread for Kaia. I think that Mr. Chamberlain used his imagination in a way that every educator should and that Kaia and her dad are awesome individuals. Kaia's photo essay was outstanding!

Singing Hearts

It's amazing how a proud parents showing off his daughter springs into a learning experience for others. I think that this just shows how useful technology really is. How often is it that American students can be taught about other countries by teachers from other countries on a regular school day, no longer is that impossible. I appreciate the ways that these teachers collaborated and created together such a great experience for these students that they will never forget and will always take with them.


My comments for kids this week was a very creative kid named James. James has some awesome pictures that he made on the blog and a short video. I told James just how creative he is.

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  1. Good job on this post I think you did very well explaining the benefits of this young ladies involvement on technology.