Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 13 Homework

Dr. Seuss-The Zax

This video has a big message in a little amount of time. I think the message is clear and to the point. Educators shouldn't ever stay still in one spot for any length of time. Change is necessary. If teachers stay stuck in a rut they quickly fall into survival mode, they will never love their job, and the ones who will suffer the most will be the students who have to be in this Zax's class.

PS 22 Video

This video was extremely touching, that's why it received such great responses. I think that posting students work online is an encouragement in itself. I know from my own blog I try and make sure everything is correct. When students know that the world have access to their work it should make them more careful for their work to be accurate.

We've been assigned several times over the semester, the works of students that have been posted on the internet. All the students work has been amazing but here are some examples of the students work. Kaia's Blog is a blog that Kaia's dad created and is maintaining. On this blog Kaia's dad post things about her, he made a photo essay of pictures that Kaia took while they were on a adventure together. The picture were awesome, they were of how all things can be beautiful. Another assignment we had was Comments4Kids and that's allowed us to be able to observe some of the students work.

In week 9 my Comments4Kids assignment was to go to Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog and to comment on the 13th post in February. It was awesome, the class had made a movie about polygon's so the title of course is The Polygon Movie! Everyone should visit this site.

In week 8 my Comments4Kids assignment was to comment on a 7th grader named Yazmin. Yazmin wrote this poem that was extremely insightful. The poem is titled "The child who witnessed slavery". This poem also heart warming, it reminds you that you always have someone watching.


I had to comment on Point England's 4th grade class from room 10. My student wrote a great blog called "Spiky all right" I wrote I love all your detail. I can tell that you are a passionate person. Keep that trait and you will go far in life. You seem like such a smart student, I hope that I can teach someone like you when I start teaching.

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